"The Road Home" Scarf

by Phoebe
Have you seen this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas?  While on book tour, Mother was given the pattern for the scarf along with three skeins of yarn to create the project.  So... the journey home to Colorado from New Jersey, which allowed for a lot of knitting time, will be told by the knitting of the scarf.

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Columbus, Ohio

Indianapolis, Indiana

a cornfield in Illinois

Kansas City, Missouri

Salina, Kansas


... and a little bit more... almost there...



  1. oooh it's SO cute - love it! And whats not to love about Koigu for anything in the world - nothing! :o)

  2. what is Kiogu?
    Is the scarf knit longways?

  3. Hi Multitasking Mom!
    Koigu is a lovely handpainted yarn from Canada. This particular yarn is half silk and half wool. The scarf is knit back and forth on 450 stitches for about 5 inches. Hope this helps, thanks for visiting!


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