Postcard from Lillian Mouse~ Yellowstone!

Greetings from Yellowstone National Park!  Here I am by a thermal feature- can you see how hot the water is?  In the background is Yellowstone Lake. 

This thermal feature is called the Dragon's Mouth Spring.  It is fascinating to hear the rumbling sounds from within as the steam is released into the hidden caverns.

This bench at the visitor's center has a bison woven right into the fabric!

"Where the Painted Buffalo Roam" is a public artwork project dedicated to revitalizing the community of West Yellowstone through public artwork created by Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and Minnesota artists.  There are 26 cows and ten calves on display.  Here I am at "Shoreline Silhouettes" by Joe Halko.

We had some time to explore the shops in town, too.  We found this neat shop called Smith & Chandler.  See how the huckleberry syrups and jams are a perfect match for my huckleberry jacket?  I can't wait to try to huckleberry brownie mix!

  Of course the trip would not be complete without finding a shop that sells yarn... Send It Home is a neat shop that will ship your vacation treasures home for you.  But more importantly, they carry knitting and quilting supplies!  Look closely to read the sign I am holding- "I knit therefore I am."  I didn't know Descartes was a knitter! 

Of course this is a nice and cozy place to be... I think I'll settle in for a bit with this colorful shelf of yarn....

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