Book Signing ~ Lambspun, Phoebe's Sweater, and Maggie Sefton

by Phoebe
Today I went to Lambspun in Ft. Collins for a book signing.  Those of you who have been there know what a treat this is!

This little girl came up to my mom (the author of Phoebe's Sweater) and said, "Would you write my name in my book for me?"  Of course!

Lambspun had a big sale this weekend, and the yarn was literally flying!

It was an honor for Mother to sign books with Maggie Sefton, whose knitting mysteries are set at Lambpsun.  Here is Maggie with Shirley, the kind owner of Lambspun, and a sweet little lamb and her friend!

Penelope is only nine days old and already has good taste in books!

She took quite a liking to me... it was as if she knew I am made of wool, too!

She found the best place to take a nap... with these sweet girls~ what an armful of wool!  (I think there were quite a few today who had an armful of wool!) 
Thank you, Lambspun, for a great day!

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