Book Signing at My Sister Knits

by Phoebe
My Sister Knits is a lovely yarn shop in the charming City Park neighborhood of Ft. Collins. Pretend you have a best friend who has a beautiful home with gorgeous flower beds, a quaint chicken house with pretty chickens, and a carriage house in the back yard. Then pretend that carriage house is packed to to the roof with fabulous yarn and books... up to the sweet attic alcoves full of fiber. That is what going to My Sister Knits is like! I stayed very close to Kate's delicious brownies that day, and met a lot of nice knitting grandmas, too! I think a lot of little girls will be getting a copy of Phoebe's Sweater for Christmas this year! Mother had a great time meeting everyone, and had some time to sit and chat with the circle of knitters, too. A great day!

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