Green Gables Knits Instagram Gallery~ Diana's Hat

My favorite part of the creative process for Green Gables Knits was making arrangements for the photography. On and off over the course of two years I scouted locations, props, clothing, shoes, jewelry... I love how the photos turned out, and that the book has a distinct "period" feeling to it, and that the patterns have that "classic" storybook look to them. At the same time, I was hoping that the patterns would be versatile enough to work in a wide variety of yarns by fiber, style, and color. 

Here you see Diana's Hat as published in the book. I just love this photo of Diana, waiting to walk to school with Anne!

 Here is an example of Diana's Hat done up in a really different color style. It is actually the exact same yarn called for in the pattern, Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport, but in a bright turquoise color. 

With my hot pink coat, it really is a different look, isn't it? But I think it works, and confess that I like me "new favorite hat" so much that I have taken to wearing it around the house. I have been working up the Green Gables Knits patterns in a variety of yarns and colors and you can expect to see some more "Green Gables Knits Instagram Galleries" here in coming months.

I am also thinking that a lot of these patterns will lend themselves very well to handspun yarn as well, I think I will begin with a handspun Diana's Hat to see how it goes!


Unfinished Object Update #3

In my first "Facing My UFO's" post in February, I took an honest look at my 13+ unfinished knitting projects, even the ones I had squirreled away into secret corners of my studio.

I made a new rule for myself- that I must cast off and finish two projects before starting a new one. In the two updates since then, I have finished four things and started two new ones. (I also finished those two new projects, too! But I am not counting those as "finish two start one" because I could feasibly cheat myself at my own game and never really get down to those last and lonely things I have been shying away from.)

So... in recent knitting months (which have been complicated by finished my new book!) I have made some more progress, which I want to share.

I finished my "mystery lace" project, which was actually Rachel's Table Runner from our new book, Green Gables Knits:

I also finished the adorable Lester the Fox by Lucinda Guy. I didn't enjoy all of the finishing work on this knit, but the end result is so adorable that he has taken up permanent resident on our piano!

So... reward time, right? 
I cast on something new, in my own handspun yarn. I attempted to spin a gradient yarn, going gradually from blue to yellow. And this twist pullover has captured my fancy since the moment I saw it!

One final update, my reward for my UFO update #1 was to cast on in a beautiful yarn called Metalico from Blue Sky Alpacas. The end result was the Invisibility Cloak, which was published in the recent Unofficial Harry Potter Knits:

The reward for my second UFO update was to cast on in Madelinetosh DK in the stunning colorway Mandsfield Garden Party. I made this adorable Sweet Shoppe Shawlette, and wear it every week.

It feels so good to be slowly gaining a handle on my crazy collection of unfinished things. Starting with 13 UFO's, I am now down to seven. I will post the next two soon!


Green Gables Knits is here!

Green Gables Knits is here! Two weeks ago, the delivery truck arrived with two pallets of our newest book, Green Gables Knits. Our delivery driver was rather curious about what we do, and politely asked, "Are you a distributor of some kind?" I started explaining that we are a small publisher, and then decided to just ask him if he knew anyone who was a knitter. "Sure! My wife is a big time knitter!" he responded. So of course we gave him a book for her!

We were fortunate to have a lot of help from our little superhero, who was eager to help push the books up the drive.

Boxes and boxes of orders flew out the door, including pre-orders from yarn shops, Etsy readers, and our shop distributors. We shipped an entire pallet to Amazon, so their warehouse is stocked and ready to go!

Superman had a great time stamping books at our old town post office, he saved us a lot of time!

We held a release party at our weekly knitting night, which was a wonderful time. Knitters, sample knitters and test knitters, along with our models and wonderful photographer all came together to celebrate our new book at our favorite local coffee shop. It was a whirlwind evening and so much fun to share the finished book with the people who were a part of it all along the way. It was a night to remember.

We wrapped up our exciting launch with my first book signing for Green Gables Knits at Ewe Count in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I always love to visit Penny's shop and I loved spending Small Business Saturday with her, especially as it was her anniversary sale!

I picked up a skein of Zauberball starke 6, which is a gorgeous sport weight sock yarn (socks for me!), a skein of Araucania Nuble (a Diana's Hat for a Christmas gift?) and a sweater's worth of Ella Rae classic sport, for an Anne's Sweater for our daughter. I have been feeling a little uninspired about knitting for the past few weeks (maybe a little post-book burnout?) but after a visit to Penny's, my needles are flying!

And now? Now I am going to sit for a minute. Look. Here it is, and yes, this really happened. To all of our family, friends, readers, to everyone who loved this idea, too-- thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement!