Phoebe's Birthday Book Tour, part 2, a photo diary

My grandparents, who recently celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary, holding hands while walking down the lane. This is at the farm in New Jersey where I grew up.

I had time for a cup of coffee with The Knitting Scholar, who came to our small hometown for our first east coast book signing.

At the BookNest in New Jersey.

Visiting with friends and family at the book signing.

What fun seeing Annemarie, whose daughter was a very close childhood friend.

Across the street at the old mill, which was our town library when I was a kid. I spent countless hours there.

Someone's Phoebe Mouse has a birthday hat!
This is at Stitches With Style in Newark, Delaware.

What a friendly shop! Lots of happy knitters and beautiful yarn.

It was great seeing Melissa Wehrle (Neoknits) in Delaware.

My first sighting of the Margaret Dashwood Shawl from Jane Austen Knits- on display in the shop!

A lovely pair of shops- Loop and Spool in Philadelphia.

Another "in the wild" sighting- they are working on Phoebe's Spool Quilt at Spool sewing shop. How appropriate!

It was great to come back to Loop. Eric lived in Philadelphia before we met, so it brought back a lot of memories for him.

Another friendly group of knitters were waiting for us at Loop.

Nicole and her lovely family came for another visit. She even brought us a delicious shoo-fly pie!

Her sweet baby got a few hugs from Freddie.

And Phoebe Mouse make the trip into the city as well.

Craig is a wonderful host- it is always great to visit his shop.

Phoebe's Party Dress looked just right on this little mannequin.

We had time for a leisurely dinner at Rittenhouse Sqaure.

Down by the station.

Goodbye, Philly.

I picked up a few fat quarters at Spool for a special sewing project.

Back at the farm, the girl cousins chose fabric patterns for their Phoebe Mermouse dolls.

We traced and cut the pieces and found the perfect buttons.

Our daughter helped with the stitching and the embroidery.

Eric's dad's graphics shop in the barn out back. This is where Eric spent many hours painting as a teenager.

Slate Falls Mill, on the farm, is the inspiration for our name and logo.

Waving the flag out in the pasture.

Time to race the old go-karts.

Eric and the owner of Dale's Market, at the mural Eric painted 13 years ago. It still looks great!

At Knitty City in New York, one of my favorite places!

I always talk a lot with my hands when I go back to New Jersey.

One of my favorite Freddie Platypodes from Ravelry appeared at Knitty City!

I met Kathleen Dames, a fellow contributor to the most recent issue of Jane Austen Knits.

It was great to see Melissa again, and Mary Beth Temple (Hooked For Life) came into the city for the book signing, too. We had a great time visiting together afterwards.

Eric's cousin's wedding was at a beautiful church in Morristown, New Jersey.

Two days later, we left for our return trip to Colorado... stay tuned for part 3!


Phoebe's Birthday Book Tour, part 1, a photo diary

Tower Museum, eastern Colorado plains. They say you can see 6 states.

First time seeing a highway billboard for the shop we are headed to... Quilt Cottage Co in Hays, Kansas.

Quilt Cottage Co is a quilt shop with a beautiful yarn department.

Signing books for lovely Kansas knitters.

Phoebe Mouse, Phoebe Mermouse, and Freddie Platypus at their first event together.

"2nd Friendliest Yarn Store in the Universe"-- another yarn shop billboard in Kansas.

The Cozy Inn in Salina- we had burgers at this six-stool diner.

Kansas and Missouri were hot... we found a skate shop in Missouri with awesome Italian ice to keep us cool!

Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe in Columbia, Missouri.

Little Nora brought her Phoebe Mouse, knit by her sweet mom.

Signing more books for the friendly knitters in Missouri.

Driving east past the Gateway to the west in St. Louis.

Our happy road trippers.

A sleepy trio of travelers.

My first time to Niagara Falls!

What a view!

Maid of the Mist and gorgeous rainbows.

Stopping for ice cream in the Adirondack Mountains.

Ahhh... in the canoe at "Grandma and Grandpa's lake" in NY.

The first evening swim to the dock.

Throwing all of the rocks into the lake.

My cousin's wedding on July 4th, which was our Grandma's birthday.

Grandma is no longer with us, but her Mailbox was at the reception. Very sweet.

The best "Just Married" ride ever- on a parade float!

Oooo... ahhhh... fireworks over the lake.

Arrived in the Garden State-- on our way to the farm!
Stay tuned for part 2 of our adventures... coming soon.