Weaving House

We are living in a weaving house this week... Sister sent a letter to the editor at Handwoven magazine, and it was published on page 4 of the March/April 2011 issue!  She is busy starting on her 4-H weaving project for this year, so we will be sure to save the magazine clipping for her project book.

The cricket loom is warped and ready to go, as you see here.  This week Sister warped the loom with a striped pattern of two colors of Brown Sheep Nature Spun and Lamb's Pride.  She plans to work the weft in four colors of varying stripes to create a plaid effect.  I think it will be beautiful!


Spring pattern cleanup!

Sometimes when the patterns pile up and start to look like this:

They get sorted into sleeves and binders.
There now.  That's better!


Serendipity Babies!

Two dear friends both had babies two weeks ago... one lives within walking distance, the other lives over 1,000 miles away.  I knew each of these sweet little ones needed something handknit, and thought the Serendipity hat would be the perfect thing!  The green hat is knit on 11s in Brown Sheep Superwash Bulky, the white hat is also on 11s in Spud & Chloe Outer.  I have a feeling these will be the first of many serendipitous baby hats in years to come!  Welcome to the world, dear little ones!


Muscadine Socks by Star Athena

by Joanna
One of the funnest things about working at Interweave is seeing the finished projects as they come into the office.  Star Athena's Muscadine Socks caught my attention right away... I think it was the sideways garter ankle cuff that did it for me.  Star designed them with Blue Moon Fiber Arts mediumweight, and I knew that was the yarn I needed to track down at the Vogue Knitting Live show in NY this winter...

I still think the name Rooster Rock is one of the best colorway names ever!  This was my first toe-up sock, and I can't wait to make its mate!  But since I have a lot of work knitting in my basket right now... I will have to!  I think I might need to make a pair of these for the Artist, too!


LambShoppe, Denver

Every time I go to the LambShoppe I meet someone utterly cuddly and adorable... today it was this beautiful baby girl!  She came in with her mom and grandmother, both talented knitters.  I see yarn and needles in this girl's future!  (And, a pretty handknit Freddie's Blanket, judging by the great colors of Serendipity Tweed her mom bought!)

Sisters!  It was just a fun family kind of day at the shop today, and these sweet sisters fit right in!  They came to visit us, and waited very patiently to meet us and decide whether they liked Phoebe's Sweater or Freddie's Blanket better... I think they picked just the right book!

Mary Carol was busy teaching nearly the entire time we were there!  It is really neat to watch a gifted teacher share the wonders of knitting...

...and to watch eager hands loop and twist...

...and learn the craft.

It is always a pleasure to meet knitters and friends at a book signing... thanks to all who were a part of our day!


Yarn Market News March 2011

The March 2011 issue of Yarn Market News has a great review of our newest book, Freddie's Blanket, on page 16. We were really happy to see our book included with the great new "critter" books from Rebecca Danger and Lesley Stanfield, we enjoy such great company!


Whooooo needs eyes?

by Phoebe
We do!!

It isn't easy to find 38 matching buttons, but we did find them at our local craft store.

I watched Mother add them, very carefully, a pair at a time, to make eyes for these cute knitted owls.

There!  That's better!

pattern: o w l s by Kate Davies


Ewe Count, Cheyenne, WY

Yesterday we took a quick day trip up to Cheyenne to visit a lovely local yarn shop, Ewe Count.  In addition to having a great supply of yarns for knitting, Penny also carries a full line of embroidery supplies.  The collection of crochet thread pictured reminds me of Mother's treasured old shoebox full of her great-grandmother's lacemaking thread and bobbins.
Before the book signing, Mother taught a 2-hour knitting class from Freddie's new book.  She had so much fun she forgot to stop and take some photos!  So, you will just have to use your imagination and try to picture how pretty 10 different Freddie's Blanket projects all looked, and a variety of beautiful yarns and colors!  Thank you to all of the great students, knitters, and readers, who made this day so fun, especially Penny, for being such a great hostess!


4-H Fiber Fun Fest

We had a wonderful time at the 4-H Fiber Fun Fest in Loveland last weekend!  There were so many amazing vendors, knitters, weavers, spinners, and friends who made the day very special for all of us.  This young reader, who is a dear friend, made sure to come over for a visit.  Do you see she is wearing her very own handknit Phoebe's Sweater?  It was made with lots of love by her mama as a Christmas gift!

Here is a young man who is going places... he is learning to knit, which is great!

Speaking of going places... check out this young lady, who had her own booth at the Fiber Fair, selling her very own handcrafted twirly skirts and leg warmers, all made from repurposed clothing!  We made sure to pick up a beautiful pair of legwarmers for an upcoming birthday party gift, and were truly impressed by her dedication and creativity!  Be sure to check out Oli-Bo-Bolly on facebook!
Thank you to each and every one of you who made a point to stop by and say hello!  This was a really special day for our whole family, and we really appreciate all of our readers, family, and friends who took the time to visit with us!