Phoebe's Sweater Book Tour

Phoebe's Sweater is going on the road next month! 
~Book Signings and Trunk Show~

June 12-14 TNNA with Brown Sheep Company ~ Columbus, OH
June 19 11:30-1:30 Why Knot Knit ~ Chester, NJ
June 24 6:00-7:30 Knitty City ~ New York, NY
June 26 10:00-12:00 Twist ~ New Hope, PA
June 26 2:00-4:00 Loop ~ Philadelphia, PA
We are looking forward to this new adventure!


Estes Park Library Book Signing

by Phoebe
Estes Park Library hosted a Phoebe's Sweater story time today. 
The girls sitting up front passed me around during the reading...
... and I met up with some old friends...
... and made some new ones, too!
Estes Park is a charming village located at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Even though it is mid-May, there is still quite a bit of snow up here.  This is my family's favorite place to go exploring, and I can't wait for summer's first hike!


Book Signing ~ Lambspun, Phoebe's Sweater, and Maggie Sefton

by Phoebe
Today I went to Lambspun in Ft. Collins for a book signing.  Those of you who have been there know what a treat this is!

This little girl came up to my mom (the author of Phoebe's Sweater) and said, "Would you write my name in my book for me?"  Of course!

Lambspun had a big sale this weekend, and the yarn was literally flying!

It was an honor for Mother to sign books with Maggie Sefton, whose knitting mysteries are set at Lambpsun.  Here is Maggie with Shirley, the kind owner of Lambspun, and a sweet little lamb and her friend!

Penelope is only nine days old and already has good taste in books!

She took quite a liking to me... it was as if she knew I am made of wool, too!

She found the best place to take a nap... with these sweet girls~ what an armful of wool!  (I think there were quite a few today who had an armful of wool!) 
Thank you, Lambspun, for a great day!


Anna Tunic and Amy Butler

by Phoebe
Have you seen this gorgeous fabric from Amy Butler?  Here I am in the sewing room where the "Anna Tunic" is waiting for finishing touches like hemming and sleeve finishing... I think this tunic may go with Mother to TNNA in June!  I will be there, too, and can't wait!  This lovely fabric and pattern were purchased at a wonderful new shop called Mama Said Sew.  I wonder if there is enough left over for a little dress for me...


Phoebe's Sweater Knitalong

by Phoebe
A group of knitters is gathering together at Woolen Treasures Yarn Shop in Colorado for a few weeks to do a knitalong of Phoebe's Sweater.  Here you can see the variety of beautiful colors they have chosen for their projects.  The knitters had a wonderful time visiting and sharing project notes.  We will update their progress in a week or two!  I think my favorite color is the frosted fuchsia!


Meet and Greet at "A Show of Hands"

by Phoebe
While I was away... a talented group of spinners, knitters, weavers, and crocheters invited Mother to a "meet and greet" at a local craft gallery.  (You can see Mother there in the green vest.)  What a wonderful and talented group of women they are!  Mother was honored to be invited, inspired to see their talent, and happy to sign their copies of Phoebe's Sweater!  Thank you, "Cowgirl T" for setting up this fun event!  ("Cowgirl T" is the rancher who hosted the sheep shearing party this winter!)


In which I meet a city cousin!

by Phoebe
Far from my home in Colorado lives another little knitted mouse who looks a lot like me.  She lives with a very nice family, and is one of the very first knitted Phoebe Mouse dolls ever because her mother was one the test knitters for my mother's knitting picture book.  I have to say I was a little nervous about meeting someone else made from the very same pattern as I was, but there is a very nice little girl here who did a very good job of properly introducing us, and got a lovely tea party all ready for us so we could visit and get to know one another!
And my cousin is really such an interesting and wonderful mouse that we became fast friends right away!  I soon lost any worry about meeting "another" me, and realized that no matter how many Phoebe Mouse dolls there are, we are all unique and one of a kind, handmade and special!